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sugar, distilleries, power, cement & lime plants



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Oil refinery and petrochemical plants, n
Chemical Plant
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Inside the Heavy Industry Factory Close-
Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Garnet Engineers leverages Garnet’s global procurement network to offer Clients competitive advantages.


Garnet Engineers is supported by the company’s global procurement organization comprising 2,300 professionals worldwide. Garnet’s procurement organization has 24/7 capability and access to virtually all of the manufacturing, fabrication, and distribution centers of the world. The professional procurement team brings a broad range of expertise to meet the unique demands of each Client and are drawn from offices that can provide the most cost-effective deployment of personnel.


Sourcing from Emerging Markets

In today’s dynamic business environment, ongoing identification and utilization of competitive, capable suppliers is critical to maintaining and expanding strategic sourcing competencies for global capital project execution. Clients can realize significant direct material savings — up to 40 percent or more in purchase price — when they successfully access and rely on low-cost sources in emerging regions. Savings generally result from low labour and infrastructure costs, as well as capitalizing on the growing and highly competitive marketplaces for raw materials and subcomponents in these regions.


Garnet Engineers UK, China & india Sourcing

Garnet Engineers has the unique ability to provide Clients with leveraged procurement pricing by using  procurement professionals located in our global. Source professionals in UK, China & india support Fluor project teams and Clients with:

  • Development of supply options to meet specific project requirements

  • Identification and pre-qualification of suppliers

  • Quality assessments and quality management services

  • Purchase order , expedition, SQS, logistics, and finance

  • General consulting: strategic planning, China T&C, finance and regulatory requirements




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