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Double exposure of Engineer with safety
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Garnet Engineers Offers a Full Suite of Engineering equipment goods, As PROFESSIONAL TEAM


Garnet Engineers has an experienced engineering staff executing projects in Canada and other international locations. Garnet employs a distributed execution approach that is based on work sharing with multiple global offices. Garnet links modern technology, experience, and services to meet individual project needs at locations throughout the world. More than 800 projects have been successfully completed using the distributed execution approach.


Garnet worksharing capabilities with another office in another time zone extend the work day on projects, which can reduce project execution times.


The company’s global electronic collaboration tools allow Garnet engineering teams to apply corporate best practices at their home locations and quickly share their expertise and lessons learned with other offices. 

Garnet design and engineering expertise spans traditional disciplines, including architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, process, and structural engineering.


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